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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Hello John, since 2015 I've been dealing with polymyalgia, giant cell arteritis, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. That was bad enough, but now I have neuropathy. After being diagnosed a few weeks ago I joined this group and began reading a lot of posts. After working up enough courage I posted a comment of my own and you were the first to respond (for which I am very grateful since I know nothing about this condition and am very afraid) I've since found a team of neurologists who treat people with neuropathy and was feeling a little more hopeful. But from what I was reading I thought they would start me on Gabapentin since that appears to be the gold standard of treatment. However, I was sent for a lot of bloodwork, and began a series of nerve blocks. I haven't read anything on this website that speaks to this sort of treatment. Now I'm wondering if this is another blind alley since it took my going to five different specialists before anyone mentioned neuropathy. I guess my question to you is: – Is there any kind of regular treatment for this disease? Does it ever go into remission? Or is this a lifetime of pain, discomfort, anxiety and never knowing what comes next. From what I'm reading it appears as though after the original diagnosis you spend the rest of your life suffering to one degree or another and you never get back to a "Real Life."

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Sir you are pretty much correct, but try to exercise daily take lots of vitamins and try and follow a strict diet!!

Hi Anya @anya40, So sorry to hear you also have been diagnosed with neuropathy along with the PMR, GCA and the other conditions. Neuropathy may not be an easy path for any of us but it definitely helps to learn as much as you can about the condition and the different options you have that might offer some relief of the symptoms you have with neuropathy. Here are a couple of my favorite sites for learning about neuropathy and the various different treatments and lifestyle changes you can make that will help you learn and adjust to a hopefully new normal that works for you.

— Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy: https://www.foundationforpn.org/living-well/
— Neuropathy Commons: https://neuropathycommons.org/neuropathy/neuropathy-overview

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