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Delayed pain after bone marrow biopsy??

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Just finding this site. I have similar issues. Diagnosed with ET in Nov., had BMB mid nov. and started having burning calf and foot. I think it may be the sciatic nerve. Seeing my back orthopedist next week, hoping some PT will help. Not really sure if the burning is related or if Hydroxyurea could cause that but since I started having back sciatic pain I think that may be it. I have had lower back issues in the past on the same side though over the past year or two I had not had any issues until after the biopsy and medication start – 500 mg a day.

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Hi, @lea123. Welcome to Mayo Connect. I’m happy you found our great community forum. I wish it was for a more pleasant reason than in search for relief of your burning calf and foot from sciatic pain. You’re right, this is a tough one to figure out if it’s from the BMB or the meds, since both happened at the same time. From reading the side effects of Hydroxyurea, I don’t see those mentioned on the list. But your symptoms are similar to some of the other discussions from people experiencing sciatic symptoms after a biopsy. It seems to be fairly rare though. I’ve had 13 BMBs and knock on wood, no issues.

Have you discussed this with your medical provider or whomever did the biopsy procedure? I hope you do get some relief after a visit with the physical therapist. Will you let me know?

You’re very newly diagnosed with Essential Thrombocythemia, having high platelets. There are several discussions in Connect in the Blood Cancers & Disorders group. I found a few links you might find useful.

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