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I am so struggling with my Sjogrens! I am wondering if any of you have severe dryness in Vagina and pain there?

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@dancing1 here is a recent discussion on vaginal dryness that might be of interest. It is in the Women’s Health group.
Will you reach out to these members to see what they have learned?

I also have Sjogren’s with vaginal dryness. I have been on hormones (testosterone, progesterone and estrogen bio-identical from a compounding pharmacy) for about 3 years. Before that I used a topical estrogen cream or pill that is inserted (some with Sjogren’s don’t have enough vaginal moisture to dissolve the pill). I had used the topical estrogens for about 20 years with no problems. I’m sure I have had Sjogren’s much earlier in life from the symptoms I had but didn’t realize what was causing them, but I wasn’t diagnosed until 3 years ago.

When I went on the oral hormones the doctor told me I wouldn’t need the topical estrogen anymore. Wrong. This last fall I started having symptoms similar to a UTI, but it wasn’t a UTI, come to find it was urethral prolapse caused by vaginal atrophy (from age and dryness).

So I resumed the estrogen cream and within 3 weeks it was resolved and no pain.

Please look at the site smartpatients.com and also

sjogrensadvocate.com this site was created by an MD with Sjogren’s, has lots of valuable information and help.

There are many people with Sjogrens who are willing to share their experiences and their ideas are helpful with treating symptoms.

Good luck!

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