Vaginal dryness

Posted by luv @luv, Nov 28, 2021

Hi, I have vaginal dryness mainly external. It’s been going on for 4 years. I am now 33 years old. I have visited my doctor and my hormone levels are great(estrogen,testosterone,progesterone), I’m not having any pain or itchiness or redness. I’m not taking depression meds or medications that can have any effect, I have changed birth controls. I even at one point stop taking birth control all together, but even using a sex vibrator I produce no external vaginal moisture. I don’t mean I only produce a little I mean I don’t produce nothing at all. Like my Bartholen glands do not work at all. Any ideas? Thank you

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When you say you saw a doctor, was it a gynecologist? If not, you might consider seeing someone who specialize in female reproductive health. I recently went to gynecologist physician assistant specializing in gynecologist for a specific problem and she was a wealth of information on multiple subjects. She gave me some pamphlets on treating vaginal dryness with suggested products. Unfortunately not sure where it is right now.

Even if not post menopause, this article might help: "Vaginal dryness after menopause: How to treat it."


I am relatively old, and because I am intersex, I am missing some of the glands that produce vaginal moisture. I apply an estrogen cream every other day into the vagina. My pelvic floor therapist recommended to apply Vitamin E oil on the other days to the vestibule and the vaginal entrance. This works pretty well, and my entire vulva/vagina has a pretty healthy moisture level.

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