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Thumping/drumming in one ear

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Not able to offer solutions but can offer quite a bit of sympathy! I have had pulsating noise in right ear for a few years now and saw Ent Dr. with no solutions. There is a web site I have found helpful in the past, Woosh. either com or org. not sure which. I never know when the pulsing will start or end. Trying to learn to ignore it. Not an easy feat.
Good Luck with you situation I hope you can find a way to end the problem.

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“tying to learn to ignore it” is a Sisyphean task: too hard to do and will only create frustration.
I’ve had pulsatile tinnitus for many years. It’s a whooshing sound synchronous with one’s heart. Whooshers.com helped rule out medical and/or fixable problems.…also used CBT and even found a use for pulsatile tinnitus:
to monitor heart rate when exercising….didn’t think I could live with it; now it’s like breathing – something I barely notice most of the time.

Thanks for reply and sympathy, morninglory. Fortunately, it's not a big problem for me at the moment. The tapping in my right ear happens only occasionally. I've never had it while trying to sleep. It started up again over Christmas while staying with family, after months with no problem, when I was drinking a glass of wine before a meal. It must have lasted an hour or two, getting gradually quicker. It sounded like the irregular rhythm of a rapidly typed Morse code, with starts and stops and quicker and slower bits; nothing like my heart rate. A few days later, after returning home, I began drinking a glass of wine before a meal and it started up again, lasting about an hour. The last two evenings I've had no wine and no tapping in my ear! I have had a glass or two of beer with no problem. Since the wine (12%) is 3x stronger than the beer (4%), it could be that the alcohol absorbed into the blood is expanding the capillaries in my ear, causing a change in blood flow. I'll keep observing what brings it on. Probably better not to drink before a meal. Many thanks for your interest and hoping your problem resolves itself soon.

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