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Nasal passage blocked

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I see my current ENT in the 3rd week of Jan. He is the only ENT that acknowledge I likely had a dental infection causing regardless of having clean scans. I plan to ask him if he talk to the Oral Maxillofacial surgeon who referred me to my current ENT. I want him to convey that he has tried many things and this is most likely the problem. I never had breathing issues or pain prior to the root canal.

When you had your tooth pulled did you need a sinus lift as well? All the dental providers are saying tooth #14 sits under my sinus and are freaking me out about all of the possible complications. I feel even if the only pull the tooth and refuse to go past the sinus wall for the gutta percha I’m at least closer to resolving this nightmare.

If this doesn’t work I’m looking into a holistic Dentist and after that perhaps a dental school.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and very thoughtful replies. I’ll check back when I have an update.

Have a wonderful New Year and continue to enjoy your amazing recovery after so many years of pain.

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I don't know the number. my tooth pulled was the last tooth top on my right side. Leaving the surgeon's office Aug 2019, my distance vision was clear, migraine was gone, neck and low back pain was gone. Constant drainage was gone. Breathing was clear. Pain came back 4 days later. Long distance vision stayed clear, I still don't need glasses to drive as I did for at least 10 years prior. ( Note- my vision was always worse with migraine) My migraines have almost disappeared. So , no, my sinuses were back to perfect after that I guess. My root canal was done approximately 1986-1987. So I don't think they had "Heated Thermoplastic Malaysian Plant Gupe" or Malaysian Cement back then. ( another note, they could only see my infection with a 3D xray, I'm guessing that was my dentists excuse for never mentioning it)
That tooth came out easy.
Still breathing is clear..... always clear... haven't had a cold since. But I'm still masking.
Best of everything for your new year! Stay safe. T

New Years wish - That someone from Mayo will read this and learn a lesson and quit telling people a dental infection (abcess) without a fever, doesn't cause problems anywhere else. Right Mayo ENTs and Mayo dentists???