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Sleep without trazadone

Sleep Health | Last Active: Apr 29, 2022 | Replies (57)

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I have chronic fatigue and when I decided to go off all my medications, the sleep med was the last one and I cut it in half and then half again and one day when I knew I had a few days to be sleep deprived I went off it. I used essential oils and an app with calm music. I've never looked back! I sleep so much better now. I started using lavender oil but found I slept way too hard and would have weird dreams. I then changed to Valor which has been working for 8 years. When I've overdone it and don't get great sleep I will add in my oral CBD but just 1/4 of the dose. I rub the oils on the back of my neck and sometimes my ears as those are vitaflex points for your brain – helps mine shut off. The app I use is BetterSleep. Good luck!

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Hello Kelly @kellyamunrud, Welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing tips on what helped you go off medications including the sleep med. Hopefully other members trying to taper off of trazadone and other sleep meds will benefit from your experience.

Do you mind sharing how you found Connect, what information you were searching for?

Where do you buy oils? Is it smells? Also, I bought CBD and it doesn’t do anything for me. I wake up 2or3 in the morning and can’t go back to sleep Thanks! Cila