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I have had what I thought was SOB, started about 8 weeks ago when I thought I had just the start of a chest cold. My symptoms are strange in that I can take a deep breath through my nose but when I try to deep breathe through my mouth it feels like the air stops and is not satisfying. My 02 says are 100 percent, respiration rate is normal. I wake up on the morning with a lot of mucous in my throat. Interesting that I can breathe perfectly fine when I’m laying down when I first wake up bit as the day goes on it gets worse. I had a chest X-ray and EKG that were normal, I had a routine endoscopy/colonoscopy 8 months ago that were normal. I don’t have heart burn but started on OTC Prilosec 20mg a day without relief. Any ideas?

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Welcome, Tara. I'm sure @merpreb, @sueinmn, @gabrielm and others will have suggestions for you.
Have you tried breathing exercises?

Hello Tara – I immediately noticed your comment that you have a lot of mucus in your throat in the mornings. That is a perennial problem for me, and I find it can lead to feeling short of breath because I try so hard to "cough it out."

I am wondering if perhaps the problem may be in your sinuses, tonsils or adenoids – maybe the mucus drains and pools while you are lying down.

A couple of things you can try are shown in this video:

Also, with mucus, one way to help thin and clear it is to drink a lot of caffeine-free and sugar free fluid. One thing I use is an herbal tea called "Breathe Easy" by Traditional Medicinals – easily available in larger grocery stores, health food stores and on line.

Also, I see you have tried the Air Physio device – was this prescribed to you by a doctor? Were you given instruction on how to use it effectively in person? Have you seen your doc since this began?


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