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I am a retired RN so I know a little something about the behind the seen at the doctors office. Most doctors are overwhelmed with everyday treatment lssues. My doctor, by no fault of his own, is overbooked. My last three visits were limited to 15 minutes and that included time spent with his nurse. Several doctors have left the practice, and he was out for six weeks with COVID-19! Everyone in the office appeared overwhelmed and over worked! As an RN I know what that feels like. This is an unprecedented time for everyone. I encourage everyone to become their own best advocate. Share information with your family, friends and medical team. Finding this website has been a great resource for me. I am not complaining but explaining. God Bless

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So Evusheld has been approved for almost a half a year now.
The fact that doctors are not telling the patients about this drug is reprehensible. I take several drugs for several auto immune diseases and have been put in harms way by not being aware or informed about this protection which lasts for six months by the way. Doctors now cannot be too busy to properly take care of their patients. Medicine has gotten out of hand. Covid messed us up that’s so did greed. I have a concierge Doctor Who gets $2000 a foot so he can afford to say less patience. My care has been mediocre at best. I had to ask for an antibody test which showed zero antibodies. I did research and found a place to go. He faxed me a prescription without a diagnosis. When you find where to go make sure your prescription has the name of your auto immune disease. And for the time being Evusheld lasts for only six months. Something new might be out there next month who knows. The doctor should know. I think insurance companies are not losing money and I haven’t seen a doctor on welfare yet. I too have been in the medical field many years ago. The care has changed drastically and I blame Covid and greed. Be your own advocate. Ask questions until you understand fully what you need to understand to take better care of yourself. Be brave and be aware. Good luck and better health to all of us.