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Dr. Poland (podcast 12/15/2021) stated that monoclonal antibodies by AstraZeneca has just been approved for immune compromised individuals. How can I find out where to get this treatment? My PCP is not aware of this update.

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Astra Zeneca has a website specifically for citizens to ask questions.


@codered032, @mpeters and all...Well, thank you! I asked my PCP for input on getting the Astrazeneca drug as I have immune issues, etc. He had no idea it is approved for pre-covid use. I am shocked at why the doctors don't know about treatments. My PCP is very good but has pretty much been behind the lines on movement in this direction.
I think the PCP population should be receiving the vaccines directly to give to patients directly. That's the only way to get a lot more folks vaccinated. And, I thought he would be on top of the latest, but I'm giving him information.
I asked him if I should get this treatment. He said only if I test positive. Thank you for mentioning this. I'm contacting the website now. In Florida, we have clinics and sites giving monoclonal antibioties treatments. One is a crucial care clinic down the street.
Blessings and be well, safe. elizabeth

Hi Codered,
I merged your discussion with this existing discussion about EVUSHELD as mentioned by Dr. Poland in this podcast https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/podcasts/newsfeed-post/experts-urge-covid-19-boosters-to-fight-omicron-surge/

As @mpeters mentioned you can find more information on the manufacturer's website - AstraZeneca

- EVUSHELD long-acting antibody combination retains neutralizing activity against Omicron variant in independent FDA study https://www.astrazeneca-us.com/media/press-releases/2021/evusheld-long-acting-antibody-combination-retains-neutralizing-activity-against-omicron-variant-in-independent-fda-study.html

"This drug is intended to help people who have received organ or other transplants, and those have cancer or take immune-suppressing drugs for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions prevent COVID vaccines from being fully effective. The new antibody drug will also benefit people who have allergic reactions to vaccines.

The FDA emphasized that Evusheld is not a substitute for a COVID vaccination in people for whom the vaccine is recommended."

Read more here: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20211209/antibody-drug-authorized-for-compromised-immune-systems