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terrible pain 2yrs after TKR

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Hello @bestfriend2 , our stories are very similar, Iam just over 3yrs post op. My pain is a 8-9 every day since surgery Oct. 2018 , lucky for me it is only painful when I put weight on my leg, so I can get out of pain by sitting down, I QUESS THAT;S LUCKY. Trying to keep this short , I have tried 17 different procedures over 3yrs, shots – cut nerves – revision – acupuncture- any therapy- PNS and DRG and nothing was worked. I did find some peace of mind thru biofeedback attention training. Well my journey has taken me to UPENN PAIN CENTER, where I met with their top doctor who told me he believes I have tried every procedure there is so he was suggested trying to find the right drug cocktail that MAY help calm nerves down. He said right up front it may take 2yrs to find the right combo , IF WE FIND IT AT ALL. This sounds terrible but I found his honesty refreshing. He also wanted me to see their pain pyschologist, which I did just yesterday. He liked the way I have been dealing with this , by finding what makes me happy or feel good and doing it. I keep a routine and do what I am able, I can't walk a step without pain so I ride a bike, I swim, all this with some pain but not like walking. I am going to try walking 5 steps then 10 steps, thinking of good things not about the pain. Since there seems to be no answer to why or how to stop the pain I WILL FIND MY WAY AROUND IT BE DOING WHAT I CAN AND ENJOY THAT. I was at one point wishing to end my life to stop the pain but there is a lot of beautiful things in life and I am going to enjoy every bit of it. THIS PAIN IS NOT WHO I AM . LOOK OUTSIDE AND SMILE . I really hope you find your way , keep the faith and enjoy what you can . Best of luck STEVE

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I feel so badly you are going through all that. I can at least walk for a short time. Hope things work out for you.