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Hi Ginger, I had a total knee done in 2016 and in 2019 it got infected and they had to take out everything and had no knee for 6 months. Infection was gone and then they put the knee back in and I then had to see my Kidney Dr. and that's when he did tests and from there a BMB and WaLa Multiple Myeloma. My kidneys are bad from diabetes and stay the same GFR around 30. So on Valentines Day I will have MM for 2 years. I did have slight numb feet from diabetes but it has gotten much worse. I'm only on Revlimid now for about 9 months 5mg. Those numbers kappa Light Chain are kind of staying good. I was on the antibiotic SMZ but my Kidney Dr. wanted me off. I just seen my Oncologist today and she is going to talk to him and let me know.
As far as the neuropathy iI have it in both feet so it does not matter which foot goes in front of the other. I hope you are doing well, you sound just like me. Hope to stay in touch!! have Great Holidays!!

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Hi Angie, I'd like to add my welcome. Are you currently on chemo for multiple myeloma? How does this affect your kidney care?