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Thank you for the info! I forgot to add I also cook chia seeds and ground flax into oatmeal. I’ve made a drastic change to my diet! It’s been hard especially since I moved into town after my husband passed last year and can smell fast foods when I go outside. I no longer eat beef, pork, chips, sweets, fats and it’s been hard! Have lost 70lbs this past year lots of sadness and not knowing what to eat for sure. So now more fruit, veggies, beans, luckily still ok to have whole grains.

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Hello again @gema98

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's death. Please accept my condolences. You have certainly had a lot of changes in the past year with his death and your move. If you are interested in grief support, I would encourage you to join Connect's discussion group on Grief and Loss. Here is the link to those discussions, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/loss-grief/.

It is wonderful that you are following such a great eating plan. That must have been difficult with so many other changes going on in your life.

Gema, do you have a strong support group in your new town? I'm thinking of family and other community and/or church activities.