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@lisal64 .. Actually, yours seems to be a rather typical story. The part many folks don't realize is that MM is a branch of the cancer group, so anything under that in the string must be seen as cancer of a particular type. I have MM>Amyloidosis>Gelsolin>and others will eventually be added to the string. The Dental work gives a clue to Gelsolin (Finnish Amyloidosis), and some other stuff. Gelsolin (GSN) attacks the ACTIN web which holds together every cell of the living organism. That means you. I have about 300 other hits in my genome that I know of that are dangerous in some way. Just do not allow yourself to become comfortable with a diagnosis which leaves no room for additional issues. I would suggest you make yourself comfortable with http://www.OMIM.org, http://www.HPO.org, and other National Institutes of Health internet sites. They have a world of technical and non-technical stuff. A good genetics counselor is worth their cost. oldkarl

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Thank you so much for sharing! My dental issues are the reason I still refuse bone strengtheners. I have had no fractures, so far, and take Caltrate now. Of course, lytic lesions are amyloid, I guess. But I always felt like the deep dental cleaning spurred a systemic inflammatory response. And you are right. Since diagnosis, my doctors don't seem interested in checking out any other problems. They make me feel like a lost cause, because I have an incurable cancer. It is frustrating.