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Prior to diagnosis, I became increasingly fatigued for the last 12-15 months. I had also been sick more and more, for the year prior. I thought it was my age, (54), and working night shift for 9 years at a stressful job, with 12 hour shifts. In January, 2019, I had an upper respiratory infection and sinusitis. I developed left posterior rib pain, which I contributed to coughing. I seemed to never get over my illness. One seemed to bleed into the next one. One co-worker had even commented "Lisa, you are always sick". I had laughed, and told her I was just getting old.
In February, and March, 2019, I began some long overdue dental work. This included some deep cleaning-descaling of upper and lower teeth. The day after I had had this done on upper teeth, I had a rapid onset, severe head cold. This quickly developed into new onset asthma as well. Later that week, I finally went to my PCP. They ordered a chest x-ray, but no Labs, as I did not have any fever. The chest x-ray was abnormal, and suggested a chest CT. I was treated aggressively for the asthma and respiratory infection. 12 days later I had a chest CT. My lungs had cleared up from treatment, but they saw multiple lytic lesions on my thoracic and lumbar spine, suggestive of MM.
Thus, I had multiple lab work done, and was referred to a hematologist. I got my official MM diagnosis on June 20, 2019. My PCP was confounded, because my initial labs did not look that bad. My BMB, in June showed 40% MM. Skeletal study and PET, showed multiple, active lytic lesions throughout my skeleton, including my skull, spine, pelvis, hip, upper legs, and upper arms. My Transplant Hemotologist, at Mayo, agreed that I had had MM for a while, due to my heavy bone involvement. MM is not a cancer that is routinely screened for. 28 years ago, as a nursing student, my Med Surge text book had one big paragraph in it, about MM. Fatigue, in reased illnesses, and occasional sporatic pain in back, hip, ankle, were the only symptoms I had. I am a nurse, so I really though it was age, being post menopausal, working night shift, and just part of getting older.

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@lisal64 .. Actually, yours seems to be a rather typical story. The part many folks don't realize is that MM is a branch of the cancer group, so anything under that in the string must be seen as cancer of a particular type. I have MM>Amyloidosis>Gelsolin>and others will eventually be added to the string. The Dental work gives a clue to Gelsolin (Finnish Amyloidosis), and some other stuff. Gelsolin (GSN) attacks the ACTIN web which holds together every cell of the living organism. That means you. I have about 300 other hits in my genome that I know of that are dangerous in some way. Just do not allow yourself to become comfortable with a diagnosis which leaves no room for additional issues. I would suggest you make yourself comfortable with http://www.OMIM.org, http://www.HPO.org, and other National Institutes of Health internet sites. They have a world of technical and non-technical stuff. A good genetics counselor is worth their cost. oldkarl