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Here is my post from Oct…

moylandavis | @moylandavis | Oct 5 12:41pm
Hi all, I have a similar itch condition, arms and legs, no rash…on a FB Group for this condition, someone discovered that their pre-workout supplement killed the itch…she isolated it to Beta Alanine, an OTC amino acid. It kills the itch for about 90% of us on this FB Group…I buy mine on Amazon. I use the NOW Brand…but any brand that says CarnoSyn Beta Alanine in the supplement Facts section is what to look for. I take 750 MG to prevent itch, up to 1500 mg to kill a bad itch. Maybe it will work for this condition too…There is one medical paper written be a pair of Stanford Dermatologist who tried it on a patient, it worked. The NIH now lists it as a treatment for itch relief. My condition is Aquagenic Pruritus…I also has itch associated with Mastosytosis,,,Beta Alanine works for both.

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First, Google returns many results addressing an itch or tingle CAUSED by Beta Alinine. Have you experienced this? How can it both cause and stop itching? Second, would you please give more information on the dosage you use? For example, do you take 750MG once a day or divided? Do you double the dose for breakthroughs? Finally, if you would be so kind, please send a link to the NIH article.

Thank you. I will give it a try.

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