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No, I have not. Is it in a pill form? Where can I find it?

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Here is my post from Oct…

moylandavis | @moylandavis | Oct 5 12:41pm
Hi all, I have a similar itch condition, arms and legs, no rash…on a FB Group for this condition, someone discovered that their pre-workout supplement killed the itch…she isolated it to Beta Alanine, an OTC amino acid. It kills the itch for about 90% of us on this FB Group…I buy mine on Amazon. I use the NOW Brand…but any brand that says CarnoSyn Beta Alanine in the supplement Facts section is what to look for. I take 750 MG to prevent itch, up to 1500 mg to kill a bad itch. Maybe it will work for this condition too…There is one medical paper written be a pair of Stanford Dermatologist who tried it on a patient, it worked. The NIH now lists it as a treatment for itch relief. My condition is Aquagenic Pruritus…I also has itch associated with Mastosytosis,,,Beta Alanine works for both.

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