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Heel pain after COVID-19 vaccine

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Thank you all for posting this thread . It is very difficult to find any information related specifically on this topic . Severe right heel pain after Moderna vaccine . I am about to get my 3rd Dose Booster and concerned it will make this pain worse . Having significant plantar fascia ‘‘tis symptoms after Vaccine that I have never had before . The inflammation could be associated with my immune system which could be compromised by the vaccine ? Just a thought …. I have also experienced recurrent infrequent swollen lymph nodes in both arm pits weeks after both doses so far . I am taking traditional advise to correct PF symptoms, but this did not occur prior to vaccine and I have always worn a variety of quality shoes . I am interested to learn more about people having similar symptoms long term . Be well all

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curious if you got the booster? debating it.
I am still having pain in my heels and feet-so I have the same worry. I also did have swollen lymph nodes in arm pit area for a few weeks after both doses-but nothing since then.
I am kinda iffy on the whole PF thing- I have found that I do much better wearing the barefoot shoes and actually in my heeled boots and dress shoes-my cooshy shoes bother me the worst-pain is almost immediate.

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