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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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Hi melisgonza616,
I used to have lots of issues with my sinuses and it sounds like you have a lot of inflammation yet. Have you tried any prednisone and possibly a water soluble salve called Muciprocin? My ENT had me put it in my saline sinus rinse bottle. It helped me along with prednisone. Also there are 2 types of Flonase. One with a green cap and one with the blue. The green capped one contains fluticasone propionate while Flonase Sensimist (blue) contains fluticasone furoate. I prefer the Sensimist since it seems to be less drying and doesn’t cause me headaches. I also like Ayr, which is just plain saline spray which really soothes and moisturizers my sinus tissues. I carry that in my purse during the winter. Hopefully you get some relief soon!

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@sjv1968 hi there! Thank you for your response. I’m still experiencing these symptoms unfortunately I just feel very strange ever since my 2nd vaccination for covid. I’m hardly producing any Mucus in my nose like barely any and it’s always white. Everytime I do a nasal irrigation I have horrible burning that goes all the way to my head, so I hardly do them. I’ve been dealing with some facial pain also by my nose bridge and four head as well as the lower base of skull it’s like tightness and if I’m ever standing or walking it feels pressured. This tend to happen when I lay down also. I’m stating to think perhaps I have atrophic inferior turbinates because they only seem to shrink and unshrink but I don’t feel so much volume or if they’re humidifyng the air cold/warm air keeping it moist, because then I would have mucus in my nose if that were the case right?

Muciprocin is an antibiotic ointment to rid your nose of bacteria that my infected your nasal passage. I had an ENT take a culture of my nose and she found some sort of bad bacteria in it and she prescribed Muciprocin. It did get rid of the bacteria but it did not help my nose issues which are somewhat like @learningstudent's.