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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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Welcome, @melisgonza616. Are you experiencing similar nasal symptoms?

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I have been experiencing something kind of similar ever since I got the 2nd Covid-19 vaccine my nose has been giving me issues. At first my symptoms were having a lot of pressure in my nose and my head. So ENT ordered a ct scan and on oct 5 I got it done and only thing that showed was “right maxillary sinus mucosal thickening” with no sign of sinus infection. I was given Sudafed for 4 days and Allegra 180 but I had some reactions that were making it worse especially the Sudafed. So i stopped taking it, and now I have been seeing an allergist and last week we did environmental skin test and nothing showed up, didn’t read to anything other than like a tree I dk the provider was just as shocked I didn’t even react to “histamine” so anyway, I have to go back tomorrow for the next two sessions to see if I’ll react to anything else. So fast forward I went back to ENT because I felt an odd sensation with my nose almost like numbness inside my nose and idk what is going on I was also hearing little cackling noises back there now I’m not as much I have never had a nasal surgery in my life and rn my nose is feeling too open, and sensitive to the cold and airflow. It’s so strange cuz I’ve never had this problem before. My turbinates swell up and un swell but I feel like something is going on. I also have blood and crust in my nose I’ve been irrigating it once a day, it’s been burning me though and had stopped using Flonase because that’s been making my nose dry and it’s still currently dry still after using for like a week now. Idk if possibly this is something to do with my nasal nerves or if I just got a bad reaction to covid vaccine but I’m going on 3 months now not feeling like myself. What do you advise?