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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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I am in the midst of setting up appointment at UCLA with a protégé of Dr. Villablanca, a radiologist who does an MRN mri, of the path of the pudendal nerve. He then does know exactly where it is. I am conversing with Dr. Rapkin's nurse…and will be in the back of an uber soon. She will do a televisit first. I also have a new pain management group, who are real doctors, and care. It has been a very difficult road finding any doctor who even gets this. I have no clue why urogynecologists are even used??? Nuerologists, radiologists and anesthesiologists know more than them ??? I think hopefully soon this will change as more people come forward with their debilitating issues.

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Go to a colorectal Doctor. See my reply below. The pudendal nerve Is very difficult to locate since it splits and goes through a tunnel. I would not want surgery on that. There are other reasons for rectal pain. It has been a 11 year battle, but I hope I am seeing the right doctor now. Go to Mayo Clinic on the internet and look at rectal pain. The 6 gastroenterologist, the neurologist, the anesthesiologist were all wrong and I had to bear the pain because of their incompetence. Finally found out I have Celiac and problems caused over my 72 years of problems. Not one mentioned of Celiac. It is an autoimmune disease, that doctors are just being trained on. It even effects your brain. In fact in Redding there is not a doctor who knows what it is for 100 miles. I have osteoporosis, after 40 years of weight lifting. Arteriosclerosis that required a 4 inch shunt in my thigh that was blocked 90% and peripheral neuropathy. All from a lifetime of malnutrition caused by my damaged small intestine. I have a 40%more chance of Cardiac problems. My digestion is not right, but now the anal and rectal pain. A colorectal doctor works on that part and can fix a fissure or tightened sphincter. Good luck, use the internet. I wish I had it in1989 when I has interstitial cystitis. None of their torchers worked.

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