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Sleep without trazadone

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Hi Evelyn, welcome. Stopping cold turkey can be rough. I'm sorry that you're not getting more support from your doctors to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. You'll notice that I moved your question about insomnia after stopping trazadone to this existing discussion that @mommabird74 started. She references using CBD oil, 5HTP and melatonin to help with sleep. I did this so you can connect with others like @wigreenthumb @falon @acaringe @gingerw @lioness @sandytoes14 along with mommabird.

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I'm unqualified to answer your question about whether your symptoms are trazadone withdrawal or anxiety uncontrolled, but I do know that you want more sleep and sleep would help both. Have you tried non-medicinal approaches like white noise, listening to soothing meditative sleep programs or over the counter supplements like melatonin?

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@evelyncooks Welcome to connect I can't speak to coming of Trazedon but I've had probl falling and staying asleep.. I use naturel products and for sleep I drink a nightly calm tea .It has Chamomile Spearmint and several other herbs Lately after I drink it I don't even remember putting it on the table It keeps me asleep right away.

Thank you! Melatonin does not work at all. Cbd was tried but made me feel energized. Tried a herbal product with kava kava, valerian, passion fruit, araghanawista, no help, also amino acids for sleep. None of which have helped . I have many nights where I do not sleep at all. This has been going on for 7 mos. Kaiser permanente just keeps trying different meds. I am too old to take them have gone back on Trazadone x2and last week was trialed on Zoloft which was a Disaster. Ativan was somewhat helpful but only for 2 hrs of sedated ‘sleep” although the Ativan did calm me down and helped with leg tremors but was not long lasting. this is just another bad drug with side effects. I am hard of hearing white noise haven’t tried thinking of light therapy… anything proven effective that is not a Addictive.
Thank you