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Heel pain after COVID-19 vaccine

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I had an auto accident many years ago that left me with a broken hip and sciatic nerve damage, I do not like to take pharmaceuticals for pain so I delved into natural healing and herbs. My suggestion is to find a yoga teacher who can show you yoga poses for releasing the sciatica. You can also Google this on line. I also have a Chi Swing machine [you can find these on line], this releases the tension in the hip joints and allows the lymph to flow freely. To get rid of possible toxins created by the vaccine I suggest the following: I personally use the tinctures, they are more readily absorbed rather than the dry herbs; start with echinacea.
What herbs cleanse the lymphatic system?
Using herbs is a popular way to naturally purify your lymphatic system. Calendula, echinacea, and dandelion are just a few of the many herbs that promote lymphatic drainage, reduce any swelling and pain, and boost your immune system.

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Thank you for this post . I am also trying some Ora Organics products as well

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