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Hello Ginger!

I have her cell phone number. She calls me from it every time she wants to have a session. I'll just text her a message thanking her for her for the support she's given me (only in finding a boyfriend) and that I do not feel we are a good match. I have sought out names but before calling them I must check with Cigna first to see if the therapist takes my specific plan. Most of the therapists have answering machines or focus primarily on treating certain ethnic groups.


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@lsittll Laurie, Your idea of texting her a message is not only good closure for you but lets the therapist know you won't be returning and why. This allows her to "discharge" you from her practice and not continue to contact you for sessions. Here is how I think about this.

In the past I just sort of disappeared and did not return. That suited me but didn't let the person I was working with know I wasn't coming back and why. It's an interaction between two people in whatever the setting is so now I tell myself to close it all off by writing, texting, or whatever works why I won't be back. It's really emotionally difficult for me to do this but I feel better afterward. If they want to refer me to someone else, even better. I may or may not act on that referral but that's my choice.

Good plans, Laurie. I hope you find someone who is a better match for you.

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