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@lsittll If you have decided to not see this therapist again, I think you owe yourself and her, the closure of saying you will work with someone else. This gives you an endpoint to her work with you. Perhaps try writing about it, and see what comes up? Or record into a voice to text program if that suits you? I would like to think she has your best interest at heart, and wants the best for you, even if it is not her! Have you sought out another therapist, yet?

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I don’t believe the therapist deserves that courtesy. I don’t think her motivation is to give Laurie the help she needs when she needs it most and thereby ends up causing Laurie more destress than comfort.

Hello Ginger!

I have her cell phone number. She calls me from it every time she wants to have a session. I'll just text her a message thanking her for her for the support she's given me (only in finding a boyfriend) and that I do not feel we are a good match. I have sought out names but before calling them I must check with Cigna first to see if the therapist takes my specific plan. Most of the therapists have answering machines or focus primarily on treating certain ethnic groups.