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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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No. I had a severe reaction to prednisone. But they didn’t want to take me off it for at least a week. I had wicked hallucinations! I kept trying to run away as I thought the nurses had kidnapped me. Then, there were bugs on the walls. My dog came to visit. Weird.

And, then I had to stay longer as I wasn’t getting enough protein and they kept me on the feeding tube the whole time…plus, I left with it.

And, I had some infection issues and trouble with ascites which had to be drained off…yuck. Not a pretty site. Funny, I was roaming through my photos the other day and found one just before my transplant when I weighed in at 137 due to ascites (107 now!). Having never been pregnant, I had new found great admiration for pregnant woman. And, one of my favorite homecoming experiences was getting to wear my favorite shoes again!

How long were you in the hospital for your transplant? Any issues? How’d you cope with Covid during your pre-transplant and hospital stay?

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@athenalee I had no idea that you experienced such an ordeal post-transplant. Over a month in the hospital. (And on top of all of this, due to covid you had no visitors). After the month and a week was over, did you go home or did you need to live close to the hospital in nearby long term housing? I'm not sure how far you live from Boston?
My post kidney transplant experience was pretty textbook (I am very, very,
very grateful!). I had my surgery on Thursday and I was discharged on Sunday morning. They were talking about Saturday, but it became Sunday morning which was no problem. Then I stayed at long term housing (rental) in Jacksonville for one month to be close to Mayo for my regularly scheduled 6am lab work and afternoon doctor appointments. They took great care of me! Of course my Tac was adjusted regularly too. The great thing about Mayo's lab is they have the Tac number in a few hours and my nurse would call me with any adjustment. At my local lab in South Florida, they have the Tac results in 5 DAYS, not five HOURS! My local hospital sends the blood vial to Labcorp on Monday and I normally get the Tac result on Friday. (That's another wonderful thing about Mayo…their lab and testing centers are extraordinary.) All in all, it was a great experience and I happily left with my new kidney! My only concern now is my elevated LIVER enzymes that are probably caused by the immune suppression drugs. My fear is ultimately they may need to further adjust or reduce my meds, which can increase the likelihood of rejection. My kidney numbers are doing so well. I wish the same was happening with the liver. I am not sure if they can just keep the liver enzymes running high without ultimately damaging the organ. I assume they are always weighing the pros and cons, similar to your awful prednisone side effects. They decided to keep you on the drug in spite of the adverse reactions. I am not sure if the liver will be same thing or if they will be forced to make an adjustment since these meds are lifetime and may cause damage to the liver after time?
I am so happy that you are through that early experience and now back to long chilly walks and dancing in the kitchen!! 💃😊💃