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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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Just wrote note…went poof. I use this article to take to every single place I have to go. I have never in my life been on pain pills in my life!!!! The pain is incidious. I blame the urogynecologist who gave me unguided kenelog injections to all 3 branches of the nerve transvaginally…right after that on July 5th. It started…pft got way too agressive also. The injections went through every single part the nerve is. It was only confined to the rectum where I just had repair surgery
In March, from a botched hemorrhoid banding. I needed rectopexy, cystocele, & rectocele repair. This was the 10th colorectal surgeon who finally listened. He advised me he could repair the rectum, but not the pain after defacation, which is the pudendal nerve. He said to start pft…was doing well, she got too aggressive, admitting to it. I was told to get triggerpoint injections, so I go, this is when the nerve was injected instead,. This doctor will not call…left me in the dust,. Recently in this pain went back to original urogynecologist who discovered scar tissue proving I was over dilated
In the hemorrhoid banding…he would do nothing but refer me out…&`this person, opted out of Medicare, charges
1000.00 cash for a consult!!!!! I left there so disappointed not to be helped again. My husband found a guy who does mri
Of the pelvis, radiologist out of UCLA…I have found a Cedar Sinai doc whose passion is pelvic floor pain…I'm not gonna give up., but to have even your own PCP, act awful, and these other urogynecologist fools.is insane. On alot of forums and most get worse after injections…kenelog..this is crazy stuff…no joke..Doctors need to be re educated, as this is not rare at all. Thank u for reading and the article…I know it well. God Bless you!!!

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I have had pudendal injections which have made me so much worse. Gastrointestinal cannot believe the pain a bowel movement causes me and want to keep giving laxatives. Have given up on gastroenterologist.

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