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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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@hello1234 not everyone thought my pancreas transplant was successful. I was not “cured” of my diabetes and I still am dependent on some insulin. BUT the transplant was like my own personal miracle. I can now keep blood sugar under decent control with very little insulin. The best thing was that I had hypoglycemic unawareness. My blood sugar would drop to dangerously low levels and I couldn’t feel it or correct it. This is gone now. Other complications of diabetes have reversed &/or stabilized. I had diabetic retinopathy that has reversed. I had peripheral neuropathy that reversed. I had autonomic neuropathy that has stabilized. I have CKD (chronic kidney disease) associated with diabetes. It was stabilized for a good 11 years. In the last 5 years my kidney function has started declining again. My transplant anniversary is coming up November 30th (16 years)! I am in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in and I thank God for this. Oh, immune suppression. I started out with Cellcept and Prograf. The team thought the Cellcept was causing anemia. It was changed to Rappamune. Awhile back it was dropped and not replaced with anything. The Prograf was changed to the generic Tacrolimus (1.5 mg in the am and 1 mg in the pm). Thank you for your questions. Ask again if you think of anything else. Blessings on your day.

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Hi @cehunt57 😊 After reading your note, I would DEFINITELY call your pancreas transplant a huge success! I am so happy to hear that you are celebrating your SIXTEEN YEAR post-transplant anniversary this month...that is awesome beyond words! I was also pleased to hear about the level of immune suppression drugs you are on. (It sounds like you are barely on anything now!). Your doctors obviously feel comfortable that your match is excellent and you need very little suppression to keep things going....and the bonus is you are no longer anemic as a side effect.
I am one year post kidney transplant and my liver enzymes are slightly elevated since the transplant and starting the meds. I have a liver ultrasound and fibroscan scheduled next Friday to check how my liver is doing and then they'll go from there. I will keep you posted.
Thank you so much @cehunt57 for sharing your wonderful pancreas transplant story!
Was your recovery difficult after your surgery and during your first year? I have heard that pancreas transplant recovery can be more difficult than kidney transplant. Is that true or did you have a fairly easy time the first year?