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Well, I'm late coming to this conversation, but FWIW:
I had a fusion guided biopsy at Mayo Rochester in November 2019. I was under a general anesthetic. My MRI (multiparametric) with focusing coil had showed an anterior tumor in my prostate. I believe they did 23 cores (samples). I may have been on a short course of antibiotic afterwards (don't remember). Minimal discomfort after the procedure. I opted to return to Mayo Rochester in late January 2020 for PBT (proton beam treatment). I had fiducial markers inserted, I thought they were carbon. I also had SpaceOar inserted. I don't remember any particular discomfort after either procedure (may have been same event; don't remember that for sure).

At Mayo Rochester for some patients (like me) their standard course of PBT is five treatments over two weeks (like M,W,F,M,W). My understanding is that it is the same cumulative dosage as longer courses (~5 day a week/five weeks). I had some irritation to my urethra after my 2nd PBT treatment and was prescribed Flomax- which I still take.

It was recommended that I do a four month course of ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy) which I did.
I had erectile dysfunction before my treatments and ADT added to that. About two months past the end of my ADT four month treatment I would say that my erectile 'capacity' returned to about the same level as before PBT and ADT.

I am still able to have an orgasm, but the volume of fluid is reduced – which changes ones 'experience' of orgasm. The change seems consistent to my understanding of the prostate function and impact of PBT.

My PSA was about 8.3 before treatments – but should have been thought of as 2X that (i.e. 16.6) because I was on finasteride for BPH. My PSA levels now are staying at about 0.2.

Anecdotally two men I know who were on ADT told me of emotional mood swings. My one friend said (acknowledging some history of depression) that he found himself sobbing in the corner of his living room. Another man who had a PSA >45 before treatment was on a long course of ADT and said that he had moments of getting extremely irritated. He began to recognize the signs and would remove himself from those situations.

Supposedly men think about sex 19 times a day. I assume that there may some differences between younger men and older men. I took no notes but I think maybe on ADT my thoughts about sex dropped to near zero….

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Maybe late to the discussion, but welcome at the table, Jim! Posts like these are so helpful to current and future members. It helps to here from the horses mouth so to speak, someone who's been there.

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