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Transplant: Amoxicillin for dental appointment

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😊 Hi @athenalee 💃 Thank you for your idea regarding separating the time you take the immune suppression drugs and the time you take the amoxicillin. I think I will do the same. I think I will take my Cellcept and Envarsus XR a little earlier than normal and then take the amoxicillin right before I leave for the dentist. That's a good idea!

Regarding my upcoming liver ultrasound and fibroscan, the hospital called and rescheduled my appointment for next Friday morning. They asked me to fast and not drink after midnight. I have five pills that I need to take that morning at 7am. My tests are 8am. The directions say I can take my morning pills with a "sip" of water, but FIVE pills are more like a glass of water, than a sip of water. What do you do in this situation? Should I take my pills after the ultrasound and fibroscan which may be an hour or more likely two hours later than normal or risk drinking too much water for the tests… What are your thoughts? Also, I normally eat with my pills which will probably mean that my med levels will be too high with no food. I am having a dilemma regarding the prep for this test and I would love your advice!

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I would definitely ask your transplant nurse. When I’ve had to fast like that, they’ve said it’s important to do the tests correctly for the best results. They said, in those instances it’s ok to take the pills 1-3 hours later. So, I always bring my pills with me and a bottle of water, so I can take the pills immediately after I’m done with the test.

Otherwise, talk with the ultrasound people about taking your pills with as little water as possible.

Best wishes and think positive!