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How to Rest Between Mayo Appointments

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@baker00l and all….My goodness, you got a wonderful response. I saw Colleen, @colleenyoung, mentioned me in her response to you. I actually wrote you the same night I saw your message, but my precious laptop deleted it as I was saying 'goodnight! I almost cried. So, here I am again, to try again.

I live in Jacksonville, such a blessing to be so close to this Mayo Clinic. I began my original Mayo journey the same year they opened the doors here. I think it was 1989? I was seen by a wonderful rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Sarcoid, my first autoimmune disease. They biopsied my lung to make the diagnosis, woke me up in recovery to give me the results! I don't think this was common at that time, most often we waited for weeks for the results. They diagnosed, treated, and helped me go forward. So my journey with the Mayo
community began.

You have some great pictures of this campus. During building many old, large live oak trees were preserved. They are typical of northern Florida, with lovely Spanish Moss hanging from huge limbs. There are palm trees, a lot of Florida flora, and freshly planted, colorful flowers year-round. We have all kinds of weather, with a short, lite winter. You'll find it quite pleasant, probably in the 60's daytime and so far we've had a few days with lows in the 40's; today was 76 and tonight will be in the low 60's. Getting chillier soon.

As you saw in the pictures, there are large expansive spaces outside to walk, wander, meditate, sit at fountains or in gardens. It is truly lovely. I don't know your situation, but there are many parking possibilities, with very clear signage throughout as one would expect from Mayo. It is truly patient-oriented. If you have walking difficulties or use a walker/wheelchair, just pull up to the front of the building for your first appointment and drive to the valet parking person. He will park and retrieve your car for $8, I tip $2 when I leave. They get my walker out of the trunk and help get me going.

Inside, every place you go you will see volunteers in green jackets, with gray hair- all older, retired folks…I wish I could volunteer. They and other staff are all available to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

Now, as to rest spots inside, there is a chapel, a meditation room, and all the buildings are filled with lovely furnishings for the patients and visitors to rest, wait, or whatever. There is a cafeteria in the Davis Building, a bistro in the Mangurian Building, a small cafe in the Cannady building. These buildings, including the Mayo building, are all connected by large, wide lovely corridors lined with lovely, calming, interesting art and sculpture. and huge glass windows/walls. In the Cannady building is a great little Gift Shop. I actually use this peaceful, carpeted corridor system between buildings to get some exercise if I'm able and have time. I toddle through the buildings with my hot pink walker, enjoying the controlled climate (as I don't do well in the heat and humidity of summer). I often end the first leg in the shop and have a ball. I get crackers or buy sale clothing or Mayo robes or gifts or whatever. Again, volunteers and so nice.

I determined to get answers and find health when I began visiting Mayo, and find this attitude is helpful. As I drive onto the property, I seem to relax and soak in the beauty surrounding me. I began this leg of my Mayo journey in 2019, after hitting a huge wall with getting diagnoses and treatment in the Jacksonville medical community. I received a bad diagnosis for MS for 12 years, was having tremors and on many drugs with my health deteriorating overall. I sat at my desk, weeping and filled with fear and true despair. Prayed. Picked up the phone and called Mayo neurology, spoke with a lovely person who scheduled me with an appointment to see a Mayo neurologist within 2 months.

I'm still seeing specialists for various problems as they arise. Neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, allergist, integrated medicine-massage/acupuncture/nutritionists/wellness counseling/etc, I see them now for everything except primary care. All the health problems I've experienced for the last 20+ years are being diagnosed, treated and I'm getting better inch by inch. I find the Mayo staff from the dining room where there is very good food -I even get food from there to use at home, ie yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits, grilled salmon, chocolate pudding- to the physicians and medical staff to be caring, kind and proficient. The doctors work as a team sharing information to give you the benefit of all the expertise available. A marvelous concept that does work.

As you can tell, I'm a big Mayo fan. For good reason. They've given me new ways to work through problems, to deal with anxiety and fear, to heal inside my body, my mind, and my spirit. I'm experiencing healing. They offer hope and peace.

Look for a 'gorgeous' woman with white hair, a bit of salt and pepper, a black mask, hot pink walker with black and white zebra basket, weariig black pants and a colorful blouse. I hope you tackle me gently and tell me how much you love your journey at Mayo.
Blessings, my friend. Elizabeth

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Wow, Elizabeth. What a great reply. I could almost conjure up the halls of Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville while reading your post. Thank you.

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