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I just turned 80. I finished 6 weeks of radiation at the end of August. I had a lumpectomy and chemo first. I had involvement with 2 lymph nodes. .I decided to not do hormonal treatment because i tried and it makes me feel emotionally unhappy. But, the radiation, other than having to go every day, was easy. I got some nipple soreness and redness on my breast, but I didn't suffer any fatigue from it.

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I am 81 had bilateral lumpectomy over 3 months. Because I have heart
arrhythmia, after discussing the treatments with surgeon and onco- doctor I settled for Tamoxifen only, assuming chemo and/or radiation would worsened my AFIB-heart arrhythmia.
I think Onco Dx test would ease my worries, but I couldn’t convince the doctor to do
He says I don’t need it , because I don’t have chemo.
Having tamoxifen only for a month , I don’t have significant side effects YET . Perhaps, it come with the time.
Anxiety and fatigued yes, but I believe is due to my age.
I still in the dilemma if I should have radiation done before starting Tamoxifen.
Maybe Onco Dx test would give me an answer! !
How to convince the drs ???
Is anybody with heart problem have similar treatment approach?
Thank you

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