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@pleasedontgo i can tell that you are very upset. It’s awful to feel that way, isn’t it? Do you have a neighbor who might help? My new neighbor came over last week to tell me that husband had open heart surgery. I don’t know them well, but was more than happy to help. Also, talk with the social workers or discharge planners at the hospital. They have their sources and probably know where you can rent a hospital bed. But, you know, hospital beds are really for the convenience of the nurses! All you really need are pillows. You will want to get your boyfriend out of bed as much as he tolerates. Just fix up a room for him with a comfortable chair and footstool, maybe a bedside commode ( so you wont need to get him to the bathroom all the time). And maybe a walker! Our senior center in town has all this equipment for loan.
I was a nurse, so I’ve helped families get all this ready for the family member’s homecoming. See if you can get an appointment with the discharge planners and explain what you need. I know you can do it! Your message told me how strong you are!
Will you write back and let e know what you learn?

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good morning and thank you for your hand and heart. I cant emphasis to any person how nasty covid is.
I had to rush to hospital late afternoon yesterday because ricky was saying he was leaving the hospital. I had told ricky i needed to stay home cause the day b4 i got 2nd covid shot and my arm was killing me i felt a little fatigued and had a bad headache. ricky lost it though so nurse called me sounded like a panic cause she said ricky was leaving the hospital. i threw on some pants brushed my hair back wit 4 quick strokes grabbed my purse and flew to mercy.
right now i have questions concerns frustration wonderment and probably a little anger or hostility but ricky is my only reason if i cry.
i look at his face and hes so lost. hes so confused and its making him angry at times. I told him after 18 years this is our most trying scariest time. he actually mentioned getting the gun when he gets home and long story short nurse gave him some meds of which he choked on as he now chokes on everything and never eats his blended food saying its gross while everything looks like mashed potatoes just each has a different color and smell. he soon fell asleep.
I asked the nurse if i could bring our little dog in and she said yes. we recently lost 2 of our 3 dogs, he talks about pinky, dog, all the time. Ill give her a bath and doll her up first and put her little out fit on and after i get a new tire on my car we can go see him
pinky sleeps by the door when i say rickys name. she hates to be cold but she misses him so bad she lays where theres even a draft and dont seem to care. I mean she hates being cold but waits.
thank you becky for listening to me and responding.
a gently men named bob told me amazing finds just bought out a care facility and is selling hospital beds pretty cheap, well under 200 bucks so i called and a lady told me she would call me on sunday to see what she could find.
I really hope she meant what she said and helps me get this portion of the story done with so i can work on learning reading visiting reaching out listening asking and blah to this current situation. lol.
like i said, i will take care of business but with this whole charade, im dealing with everything i think like i should.
ricky is the only reason i cry if i do because of how frustraing this is for him and his confusion.
needless to say he fell asleep after he calmed down, Ill take our little pinky in to see him today and todays gonna be a great day.
have great day and pray the woman calls me back. they deliver also i just dont want to get to excited in case this doesnt get followed through
have a great day , adell