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Nissen Fundoplication

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What does it mean to have the NF taken down? I thought it was irreversible?

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They remove the wrap that is the cause of most problems, unless the surgeon cuts your vegus nerve. That you will not recover from and life long problems. Most surgeons will not reverse a Nissen Fundoplication and most insurance's will not pay for it. I have to fly from Idaho to Atlanta, where I found a surgeon that speciallizes in this and does 2 to 3 per week. I did not want someone that has done only one or 2. Good luck to you!


I just read over my surgery report of my first surgery at Mayo Jacksonville in 2013. The plan for me was for the surgeon to repair the Nissen, but after going in there was so much damage from the mesh and the wrap was twisted that a repair could not be done. So the the mesh was removed .. along with parts of my stomach and intestines… and the Nissen taken down (that is the wording in the report.. “taken down”) (these words also as stated in report) by “unwrapping it from the esophagus” and removing scar tissue. ..
the hernia was anchored to diaphragm.

I could not find really anything on the internet saying how it is done that Joe or Jane Public could read. I found a few that had to be signed into. .. for medical students.

Does a “take down” mean the same as reversal?? umm… hard to say.


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