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While everyone should avoid a "hearing aid store" because they don't sell actual aids, don't overlook Costco. They sell aids with their own brand, but the aids are major brands you'd pay more than twice as much for by seeing a licensed audiologist. Costco's terms are generous: if the aid doesn't work for you, you can return it for a full refund (no "fit up" charge or any other charge). My experience at Costco is that a licensed person there (not a credentialed audiologist) may know MORE than some audis: it depends upon the person and their desire to do the best job possible. The woman at the Salem, OR Costco who has worked with me is far, far more knowlegeable than any audi I've seen: she knows lots about Meniere's because she's studied it, knows about the latest speech-to-text apps and how to get the most out of my aids. Audis often work where only one brand of aid is sold, and they sell that, sometimes overlooking advantages offered by other brands or forms of assistance, like speech-to-text apps. Costco offers aids made by several manufacturers, even though all have a Costco brand name. I drive 60 miles to the nearest Costco; if I weren't totally satisfied with the people there, I could drive 10 or 20 miles further in various directions to reach other Costcos.

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Exactly my sentiments. I have found Costco to em-ploy experienced and well qualified licensed personnel with several years of experience. The Costco stores I have used are in Greensboro, NC, Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida