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Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group

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Hi, my name is lOvelyday4,
I got Afib in 2016 Now my Dr. tells me I need to probably get a pacemaker because my heart rate is staying too low. I get tired easily and out of breath easily. The thought scares me. I am 80 yrs old. I guess I am lucky I made it this far. I am on Eliquis. No other problems with the Afib. Is there anyone else new to a pacemaker?

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Hi, LOvelyday4, . I to have a fib that is mostly asymptomatic. Am on Eliquis, flecainide, and Metoprolol. My pacemaker was implanted in April after fainting episodes due to a very low heart rate. My cardiologist indicated that my pulse would dip to 33 at night and that I also had “pauses” of up to 4 seconds with no pulse, which were the cause of the fainting. My new pacemaker is dialed in to keep my pulse at an even 60 BPM, no more fainting and I can do hiking biking and other activities as I wish. There are some restrictions on movement and lifting in the weeks following the implant, but after that, the pacemaker has been mostly doing its job invisibly, with no problems. I highly recommend it, I might be dead now if not for the pacemaker. I am now on track for a Watchman device, as soon all of the unvaccinated Covid patients clear out of the hospital and they are able to resume procedures like Watchman devices. I hope that this is helpful.