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How is your Sleep Hygiene?

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Regarding the accuracy of fitbits…I recently had a Video Electro Encephalogram (VEEG), while I thought I got 6 hours of sleep the VEEG and the Doctor said 3 hours of restless sleep if that. When I was using my Fitbit it said pretty much the same thing and I discarded it because I was sure I had 6 or more.

I also had a memory test which a neuropsychologist read and confirmed the fitbit readings…he hadn't seen one that bad in years. I am on CPAP too.

Are you guys sure you are getting good sleep? Maybe your fitbits are right too?

I have a sleep study scheduled in which I will be taking a hard look at my CPAP settings and machine.

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@mxyzptlk32 That post of mine goes back to 2017! I no longer have a Misfit (not the same as Fitbit), I have an Apple watch which does not track sleep.

I still have trouble sleeping, and the frequent bathroom calls don't help. I have been taking a half of a Benadryl most nights and I do find that's just enough to help me, and even when I wake up to go to the bathroom I get back to sleep faster than I do without it. I asked my doctor about it and she said that she felt getting enough sleep was more important than anything negative about Benedryl, especially that small a dose. It could help you, but check with your doctor. They may not feel it's right for you. I definitely do not have sleep apnea so a CPAP would be of no help.

Hi @mxyzptlk32, welcome back. Your valuable comment was posted to the whole group and is visible to all. Since it was a reply to JK, she received a notification that you had responded to her post. Does that make sense?

I thank you and @amlak for reanimating this discussion. I'm particularly interested in hearing what you learn as you review the settings of your CPAP. I, too, have questioned the accuracy of sleep monitoring through wearables like FitBit. Mine seems to imply I get more sleep than I think I do.

What has the neuropsychologist suggested for you to improve your sleep?