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roeke (@roeke)

Saw Palmetto Withdrawal Symptoms

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Hello @roeke and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. This has to be very concerning for you on several fronts. It is good that you are reaching out to connect with others.

The following information seems to support your experience/symptoms as long-term side effects.

– Saw Palmetto: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and Interactions:
You will notice that I have moved your post into the Men's Health Group as well for added visibility to other male members.

Members such as @tonyinmi and @onamission have both recently shared experience with Saw Palmetto so thought I would see if they would come in to share what they may know that could be helpful to you.

You never mentioned any opinion of your doctor so I wanted to ask if you have consulted a physician on your symptoms yet?

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@roeke I have been taking Saw Pametto for several years with none of the side effects listed in the link shared by @amandajro. However, my reason for using was because of a high PSA. The instructions say to take 3 pills per day but I've only taken two, and less when I forget or if I do not eat at home. I truly do not think the Saw Palmetto is helping with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I only take these because I feel that maybe it's keeping the prostate in check.
Tony in Michigan