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Terrible results. I worry I am going to be permanently disabled and unable to bend my knee even enough to sit down properly. Hopefully over time, and with enough physical therapy it will get better but definitely not as advertised. The immediate relief didn't happen. The resting pain is reduced, but only providing I don't put any weight on the knee. Any bending of the knee past about 20 degrees results in pain. Most of the pain felt just above the knee cap where the quads attach, and directly behind the knee. In fairness to the Coolief folks their brochure does warn there is a danger of this; so buyer beware. I may just be one of the unlucky statistics.

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Hello @dougm2866, Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear the Coolief procedure didn't help but from what I've read it is like you say buyer beware. Here is a Harvard Health Ad Watch on Coolief.

"Most studies found few or no side effects associated with the Coolief procedure. Even so, the manufacturer warns of potential risks that include infection, nerve damage, increased pain — even paralysis and death. In part, this may be based on reports of cooled radiofrequency ablation in other areas of the body. Oct 15, 2019" — Harvard Health Ad Watch: A new treatment for knee arthritis: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/harvard-health-ad-watch-a-new-treatment-for-knee-arthritis-2019101518015

Have you thought about a total knee replacement?

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