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@Nortonburn, I have had CIDP for 15 years now and often feel defeated. Have you been specifically diagnosed with a type of neuropathy? As for the Botox I’ve had Botox in my head for headaches, and though it didn’t work, it didn’t hurt me. I agree with the mentor below to have a test first. Good luck to you and please hang in there. Many days in the last 2 yrs I feel like I’m living today just to get to tomorrow because I have a son in college. Please do everything you can before you reach that place! Wishing you well.
I currently take Klonopin, Which works for maybe two hours and it’s another drug that becomes tolerant in your system. Hydrocodone was the 1 single winner for me when Nerve/muscle spasms happened and also was the number one winner for me when I would get nerve pain such as sciatica. I never had to go up in dose, & never became tolerant, However I was on another narcotic for a different kind of pain at the same time. When I went to a pain clinic they cut off hydrocodone completely and immediately and I suffered no withdrawals but I also suffered a whole Lotta nerve pain that has been taken care of by that medicine. I had made the connection because I had had oral surgery! And was given hydrocodone for the pain. I noticed my legs and sciatica resolved at the same time. I talk to my neurologist he prescribed it for my legs and nerve pain and it’s been a wonder. However now with the narcotic movement and being with a pain clinic that’s gone so I especially feel for you with your legs and feet pain. I am one of those people that has happily tried absolutely everything any doctor has ever recommended but none have worked. I also suffer from chronic severe migraines and Sjogren’s syndtome so there’s never an answer for everything. The pain relief pendulum has swung Much much too far away from pain relief and more and more people are experiencing more pain than ever. Good luck!

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Amieb I also have Sjogrens. Have you been on the site Smart Patients”? It’s a wonderful forum for people with this auto-immune disorder. Hope you give it a try.