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I live in a state where they are thinking about letting people grow their own but I doubt they will do it. I told my brother when he first talked about it that it would be good for him to try. Some people including some doctors think it is wrong but it is not. Whatever works for you is good. My thinking is now that pills are not always the answer. They are for some people and I would never say don't take them. When I worked as a nurse we used to give marinol to patients. People need to get their head straight. There are so many pills with side effects it is crazy. When I use to see patients in their homes I would sometimes have meds for them from compounding pharmacies. Maybe going back to the old ways is better. I have small nerve fiber and I woke up one day and I had it. I had pin pricks all over. I am taking a statin drug and I asked the neuro Dr. if that could be the cause and he said no. I stopped taking it on my own and the pricks stopped. My regular Doctor told me I need to take it. I do have some plaque in my arteries so I started it back and the pricks are back. I am anemic and have a low immunoglobulin but my other doctor isn't worried about the low m. He did blood work to see if anything has changed. So far I don't know what the cause is and there may be no known cause. I have a burning pain that is in my right hand and it comes and goes all day long. They asked me if I needed pain med and I said no. The pains are annoying. I also have them in my eyes and those are related neuro wise. I have been lucky so far. My brothers issues and others are far worse than mine. My heart rate went up to 184 so I am taking a beta blocker. When I see the cardiologist I am going to ask her what the cause could be. I am just frustrated because there may not be a cause.

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I have your symptoms. My whole body pins needles-faciculations-burning-cramping-paresthesia. No answers-many tests and guess what? I am on a statin and have a low IGM of 35. I feel your pain - literally.❤️