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I was on Venlafaxine XL for a year (150mg). I have successfully tapered down to 75mg and am now on 37.5mg – I then went to every other day of the 37.5 and am finally on every 3rd day. I have been stuck here for a while and can't seem to taper further. By the end of the 3rd day I feel very nauseated, have brain zaps and migraines – sensitivity to light and sound.

I will add that prior to taking Venlafaxine I was on Bupropion 300 mg for about 20 years. Switched to Venlafaxine after a very stressful life event where Bupropion was not helping.

I very much want to stop taking Venlafaxine. Should I go back to Bupropion?

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Hi- my daughter reminded me that it’s not my fault my brain chemistry is what it is. It’s not weakness or giving up – when the effects of these powerful drugs are real – and they are debilitating. in an effort to transition to Wellbutrin from Effexor my doc prescribed 150mg Wellbutrin (bupropion) to take as I tapered down from 150mg Venlafaxine XR. Moving down wasn’t so bad, but like you, when I tried to go off the 37.5 (which the lowest dose XR capsule) the effects bad. At the 24 hour point jolts were noticed and by 36 hours I was unable to walk. I had vertigo, zaps, whoosh sounds, nausea migraine – it was horrible.
So Dr now prescribed 25mg of the regular release – the lowest dose tablet form. There were no noticeable bad effects changing from capsule to tablet form. I’m now taking 1/2 tab, so 12.5mg in AM and 12 hours later I take the second 12.5mg. At this point I’m going to try cutting the 1/2 tab into a still smaller bit to lower the dose, but still take it 2x daily at 12 hours apart. Although I may try 1/3 tabs spaced 8 hours apart if I start to get jolts. I’m doing split pill routine this this week – I’ll write again to give progress. Depression is definitely coming back despite the 150mg Wellbutrin I’m feeling really angry and I have easily hurt feelings. good luck!