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Hello cdwilm27
I am sure the diagnosis is a surprise and am wishing the best possible outcome in this difficult time. It is challenging, I understand.

I am 69, and in June of 2019, have been diagnosed with SMZL, Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma,. Routine blood tests were abnormal and in 2019, I went to Mayo in Rochester for further testing and diagnosis. Currently, am on a watch and wait status and have scheduled blood test/CT/Hematologist appointments every six months. As you, my spleen is enlarged.
Sometime in the future, the watch and wait will require further action.
I am curious as to your plan and expected outcome of the Rituximab. I am not questioning, at all, you or your physicians decisions . I am am only looking for information of current care plan experiences.
Or if anyone else with SMZL can comment, I would really appreciate their thoughts.
Thanks everyone

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Hello, I will definitely report out on what the infusion experience was like.
My Hemoglobin and Hematocrit labs have gone down in the 6 weeks since I began this journey which is probably one of the factors in my doctor ordering this treatment for me. I am also curious to see Mayo's opinion of my diagnosis and treatment. Thank you for your comments and anyone else who would like to comment on their experience with SMZL.