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Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

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You said "Best treatment plan is Diet – Exercise and Herbals/Diet supplements from a Neuropathic doctor…" For the most part I agree.

However, the best efforts sometimes fail, and there is a place to turn to modern medicine – whether prescription or OTC drugs or surgery. For example, my husband's diabetes did not agree to be controlled by diet and exercise. The potential side effects must be weighed against the benefits of treatment. And it is important to remember that not every person, nor even a majority, suffer most of the idea effects.

And then there is the matter of herbals and supplements – these too are capable of causing serious side effects. And they are unregulated, so when you use them, they can be more or less potent than stated, adulterated, or even contain none of the stated substance. They can also be overprescibed, overused, and subject to interaction with one another. 10 years ago, my sisternearly died from using Naturopath prescribed supplements – got pancreatitis and her kidneys failed. She has never really been healthy since.

So whether one chooses modern medicine, alternative medicine or complementary medicine, it is important to be our own best advocate and manager. (Full disclosure: I carefully use some supplements and herbals in conjunction with my prescription meds.)


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I agree. While I respect this Dr – I have lived almost as long as him but respectfully disagree with some of his ideas. I can not simply get off of many of the medications I am taking an find a replacement since they are my lifeline in staying alive. I have gone the route of herbals, etc before but they can not sustain me for the multiple traumas I have had over a my time. Because of ineptness of medical physicians and their mistakes with me, they have given me permanent disabilities that I can not outlive. I micromanage my health with all that is made available to me and use the tools that are available including understanding what works and what doesn't work over time. I keep track of this and work side by side with my physicians so that they know this is a 50/50 agreement. It continues to work without fail given the knowledge that I have participated in medication trials in the past, followed gold standards for treatments, done my own research on drugs and collaborated with all manner of health care professionals. This should be the standard for every consumer of all health care services.

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