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Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

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@nurseheadakes Thanks for summing up that meeting. I was there too! It was discouraging to hear that doctors are supposed to report side effects for the drugs that they are prescribing, yet that step is usually not done. You mentioned the figure I heard (less than 1/25th of 1%). Another fact is that I always thought that the drug labeling inside the prescription box listed all possible side effects. That, too, is not correct. Even the Physician's Desk Reference does not list every side effect but I think it's because of the fact that doctors are not reporting back to the FDA. Probably our best line of defense, as you mentioned, is diet and exercise. People need to consider alternative medicines but our doctors do not embrace the practice and insurances do not cover any costs.
Tony in Michigan

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You are correct. In my clinical practice – I saw this all 15 years on the cardiac side of nursing. We saw people dropping died all of the time because of drugs and their side effects. They were being used as guinea pigs and the Cardiologist were trying all sorts of drugs for many different reasons – promising miracles for people desperate for healing from heart attacks and cardiac events they caused with their lifestyles as they thought. But in actuality it was the medications that were the actual culprit. I just thought it was me in the beginning in the 1960s, 1970s with all those new cardiac gadgets, meds and things that were going to the moon and back. But the trajectory was to advance mankind to things unimageable and anything was possible and nothing was off the table. As a nurse I saw everything and anything you imagine including the HIV and AIDS epidemic in full swing.

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