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Good afternoon @notborntoburn, Although it was nice to see your name today, your post about cramping in your calves leading to feeling defeated was concerning. So, #1 I have not heard about botox used that way. If it works give it a try. Be careful with botox. If you have never used it before, please get a botox test. I was swept out to the ocean while in the Caribbean and saved myself by hanging onto some coral. Those little creatures did a number on me and the dermatologist wanted to try botox. Good thing he did because my body's response was a resounding NO. In fact, at the time, they send images of my skin to other professionals.

So what might work? My life partner has a bad case of the restless leg which frequently leads to the cramping that wakes both of us up and causes a difficult night for him. I suggested he try medical cannabis. He did and it works for him. He doesn't need much.....just a dropper of tincture (2:1 CBD/THC). Do you use marijuana at all? It just may be worth considering.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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What works for me is magnesium at night and Hyland's has a leg cramp cream with I think is great. I've used it for years.

@notborntoburn My brother has had back surgery and he walks with a cane. He has had issues for years with his back and legs. He gets neuropathy in his legs and has been known to fall down at times. The other problem he has had is when he goes to sleep at night and he’s just gets ready to fall asleep his feet cramp so bad. He tried many meds that didn’t work. He is married and has two sons. The three of them did a lot of research and presented it to my brother. They told him that marijuana would work for that. At first he was thinking no he didn’t want to do that. His sons both graduated with honors from Wake Forest. His wife is smart with business matters. He does use marijuana. He vapes it before he goes to bed and it helps with the cramps. Before my brother retired he was taking morphine extended release. He weaned off of that because he didn’t want to be on that forever. As I nurse I use to work in Hospice and one thing I learned about pain meds is that what works for one may not work for another. They have their standard meds. Some people can take a 5 in pain others a 2. My brother does vape a small amount before sleep and it helps him a lot.