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Psoriasis: What treatment helps?

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I will meet him this Friday but he has changed medication for the three times so far .

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It’s very reassuring that you have an appointment in couple days. I’m sure your doctor is as frustrated as you are about not being able to stop your progressing psoriasis. But it really does sound to me as though he is very helpful and trying to find the best medication by proceeding slowing.
He doesn’t want to bring out the most aggressive treatment first if your disease can be slowed by using something less powerful. That is the most logical step for a practitioner to take. Some medications can cause other side effects so taking a minimal approach is appropriate. Also, as we talked about, the change to an anti-inflammatory diet will take time for your body to react.
It might eventually calm the inflammation that is causing your immune system to over react because psoriasis is thought to be an autoimmune disease. That’s where your immune system attacks certain areas of your body. If you look back on some of the earlier posts, I’d given you links to really great information about your disease, causes, inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Unfortunately psoriasis isn’t curable but the symptoms can be reduced. But each person’s body reacts differently to treatments. Also, trying to find the underlying condition that triggers the symptoms can really take some time to ferret out.
I know you’re wanting this to be over and I’m really sorry this is leaving you feeling hopeless about finding a solution. But I really think, given a little more time, your doctor will help find something that works for you.

Is this impacting your ability to interact with family or keeping you in the house?