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Psoriasis: What treatment helps?

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Thank you very much pls can I get appointments to come for the UVB ?

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@bio, I’m so happy I’ve been able to help you with your anti inflammatory diet and also help you get a better understanding of your psoriasis.
You’re already working with a dermatologist and that is the doctor you need to contact about getting a different treatment plan.

If you were recently diagnoses with this, the change in diet and the ointments you’re trying will be the first line of attack. With some people it’s successful to stop the psoriasis.
If the topical medications don’t work, then your dermatologist will consider taking you to the next level of treatments. That might involve the UV treatments or taking some medications which can slow the immune system response to the inflammation.

But you need to contact your doctor to let them know that you’re not seeing any progress in stopping the disease. How long ago were you diagnosed with plaque psoriasis?