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Heel pain after COVID-19 vaccine

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This is exactly what happened to me. I took the first Pfizer doze on Thursday afternoon and today is Saturday. My heel pain started yesterday, it’s pounding. It feels if I walked all day or ran a marathon. The pain is killing me… it hurts when I walk to a place from another…. It’s just the heel… I’m starting to feel tingly on my heel and lower leg… please tell me, did your heel pain go away?? Please advise

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I did a lot of research online about my painful heel symptoms. Went to sites for internal photos of feet, physical therapy for heel pain, description of possible disorders and best first aid items for relief of pain and to heal condition. You have more serious symptoms than I. For me (and because I also have flat feet) I wear Heal The Pain heavy Plantar Fasciitis inner soles with a sturdy arch inside of Nike high top basketball sneakers for ankle support. My shoes were made in 2015 so I bought 3 more used pairs on Ebay so they don't wear out so fast. At first I could only wear these for extended walking and used inner soles in padded slippers in the house. Stretching and massaging heal everyday multiple times gradually decreased pain to now an occasional ache if I sit on couch or in car too long without stretching foot with my hands. I am a massage therapist so didn't think my symptoms were severe enough to visit my doctor. He agreed when I told him on phone how I was treating myself. I never needed to take pain relief meds or use ice on heal.