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Hello, @parkin41 I wasn't certain from your note if you live in the Los Angeles area and available to help your father transition to his new life in California. In my own experience, figuring out what is covered through Medicare Advantage programs – beyond Medicare A and B – or through Medicare Supplemental Insurance policies is difficult and cumbersome. Some of my friends in California have been with Kaiser Permanente for many years when they were working and chose to remain with Kaiser after retirement. It's possible that Kaiser has good Home Health coverage but I don't know. Can you figure that out online or call and ask? Do you know anyone over age 65 in the area where your father will reside? If yes, can you ask about their coverage and why they chose what they did? What coverage does your father currently havein Florida? Is it worth figuring out if that coverage can be transferred to California?

I wish you blessings as you navigate all this to help your dad.

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Thanks for the advice. I live in Oakland, I may know some folks that are over 65, hopefully they also have government insurance. My dad currently has Humana but they don't pay much for HHAs' I was told by his current Case Manager to start the transition process a mknth before he and my mom move hopefully it all goes smooth but I highly doubt that.

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